Posted by: wasweband | November 7, 2008

Schedule Update for Band Members

Here is a schedule of the dates that we are aware of, so you can lock them in your diary.
We will be rehearsing every Monday with the 1st of December our last concert band rehearsal of 2008.
On the 8th of December we will hold a social windup function (TBA).
There will be a swing band rehearsal on the 15th of December (normal 7:30 time). We will decide from here if and when we have another rehearsal before the Bayswater gig.
Rehearsals will resume next year on the 12th of January. We will have two rehearsals left before the Australia Day citizenship ceremony performance on the 26th of January (a daytime performance for all those diehard Skyshow fans!) The good news about this gig is that at this stage, it looks as though it will be indoors in our normal rehearsal venue, rather than in the heat.
We will have one more rehearsal on the 2nd of February before performing at the community Bayswater gig on Friday 6th February (7:00-9:30).
That gives us 7 rehearsals between now and the February performance, so every rehearsal counts! Please let us know promptly if you are unable to do any of the performances.

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